D-Litter, mated 17.3.2006
Born 16.5.2006

Cita kantavana D
  Happened during the trip ...   And this is the result

Father of the litter is Bill vd Barbierhoeve from Belgium , hips A, IPO3, calling name Billeke.
Billeke is an old fashioned bouvier as best. Strong drives, tolerates pressure, honest and alert. About Billeke (in Finnish, also some results, note the age of Billeke)
Mother is Cita Dana v Nunc aut Nunquam, hips B/C, elbows 0/0, eyes ok,  IPO3. Cita is full of fire, still very friendly to her own people.
(from Cita's previous litter, 9 pups together, has sofar been x-rayed 5 pups, Cleo A/B, 0/0, Canna A, 0/0, Cossu A,0/0 and Carju B/B, 0/0, Cake C/C, 0/0. The father of the C-litter had B hips ja 0/0 elbows. Sofar (4.11.06) 4 of them have made BH.
Cita has 2 sisters and 1 brother, all them are x-rayed as HDTC. All of them have also IPO result, one sister has sofar IPO2, others IPO3)

Willy, the owner of Billeke,  described Cita as  "very stabil" to other interested people when we visited one close located KNPV club.
Willy arranged to me an opportunity to visit both his own club (Aktief) and KNPV club Saeftinge Clinge. On both places we watched the training.

Because of unsuccesful last trip to Holland 2003, this time the mating was made to get Cita pregnant for sure.
The first maybe 5 minutes Cita rejected very efficiently Billeke and forced him to keep some distance. Billeke acted as a centleman and soon Cita asked him to play. They played about 10 minutes and after that they mated. Next times they started directly to play and then the mating. This happened on 4 successive days once per day. It was obvious that Cita liked Billeke.
On the first day we vent to the vet and made progesterone test. The result was 17 and the vet said, that maybe we are a bit late.
Cita has earlier shown, that she don't let the males go close to her backside if she don't have her best days. Based on that, the timing seemed to be perfect. Later at home, another vet checked Cita with ultra voice and she said, that there are at least 8 pups.

I tried to find when the delivery will start by measuring Cita's temperature 3 times each day. When the temperature goes below about 37 the delivery will start in 12 hours. My thermometer broke just  when the temperature seemed to go down so I was not sure.
Cita has always had very good appetite. Just day before the delivery she exceptionally didn't lick her food bowl totally clear after eating as usually. That was a clear sign for me. During the delivery she did't eat in the morning, but later she ate but not as eagerly as normally. After the delivery she started to eat normally.

Cita had a big litter, totally 11 pups. The delivery started 16.5 at 1:00 at night and continued to 16:30. The last puppy was born as dead, also the tenth puppy died. I was not at the place when this happened, but obviously Cita has been going around in the whelping box,  when delivering the next puppy, and this previous puppy has been tramppled by Cita. After the delivery there were 9 pups alive, 7 males and 2 females. The pups had rather same size except one female, she was weak and weighted only 216 gr.

The weights measured 17.5: males 560, 555, 540, 530, 520, 515, 515, and females 420, 216.
Cita can produce enough milk, so pups are silent and sleeping in piles.

 Picture has been taken 17.5.06

D-pennut syntymäpäivänään

The smallest female was weak and she could't suck. I opened her mouth and inserted a nipple there, she suck a moment, but not more. I made this several times.
18.5 in the morning the small female was finally gone, I believe that this was best for her.
Unfortunately also one of the 515 gr males was lost. He has been tramppled by Cita. Suddenly so big litter was turned to almost small litter.
Only 6 males and one female.
Luckily the life inside whelping box has been normalized and no other accidents have happened. 23.5 the pups started  now and then to move rapidly their legs and bodies while sleeping. They also have now and then tails firmly up and they are vibrating slightly while sucking or grawling to suck.

All pups are almost black or dark brindle. Only one male and the female dont have any white hairs in their chests.
The pups have got nicely more weight. 26.5 also the female was over 1 kg (1080 gr)

tape colour
White spot
Few white hairs
White sideways
White stipe 4 cm
White strip 1 cm
18.5.06 15:00 600 560 585 496 544 565 444
19.5.06 12:00 668 616 662 568 598 624 487
22.5.06 18:00 979 913 966 776 816 868 738
23.5.06 18:50 1073 972 1045 870 910 930 839
24.5.06 18:14 1145 1010 1140 900 980 1050 890
6.6.06 9:00 2530 2250 2570 2150 2200 2340 1970
27.6.06  18:00 4300 4300 5100 3900 4300 4300 3900

27.5 Some pups have started to walk on four legs some steps, after that they fall down.
27.5 I gave the first time solid food to each puppy. A bit raw grounded meat mixed with egg's yellow part. After they tasted this mixing they loved it.
29.5 Eyes start to open.
3.6 When I met a puppy face to face and stroked him, he started to wag his tail.
4.6 Some pupps learned a while how to play.

Picture has been taken 28.5, a puppy is walking

D-pentu kävelee

I moved 6.6 pupps to a pen, build in the living room, when they were 3 weeks old.
In the picture they lick grounded meat wastes from the faces of the others.

Puppies moved to living room

6.6 all puppies can see and walk, so I could move them in the pen. If they could not see, they would not find Cita, when she comes to nurse them, because the area is now so big. I wormed them the first time. Naturally also Cita. I also marked the tails with coloured tapes to identify them easily. The names of the males are:Dalai, Dax, Dan, Dodo, Dosto, Dyny and the female is Diiva.

10.6-12.6 I wormed the pups once again.
12.6 the pups were the first time outside on South side of the house, it was very hot. Since that they have been out every day.
14.6 I carried the pups on the East corner of the house, its not so hot there. Instead there were buckets. Big dangerous ones. The pups were fighting against them, pushing them around, they went inside the bucket and they tried to bite, but it was difficult to get a good grip. Yes, the teeth have erupted some days earlier.

Fight against buckets

The pups are exploring their surroundings with all the time expanding radius. 27.6 the radius was about 20 m. They make this kind of trips unreqularly and alone. Also  they like to climb to all possible places they have found, specially the black marked pup.
All of them hit and bite  surprisingly hard and fast to the toys and specially to  trouser legs, and also to hands. So far they have not  fought so much with each others, but they are very keen to bite an object to get it. Also they have learned to use their voice to express what they want.
26.6, the pups fight who will get the piece of sackcloth 

Pups in action

Since 21.4 Cita has been eating Acana Puppy Junior kibbles. Since 13.5 the kibble changed to Acana Premium Deluxe. Cita gets food thee times per day. Both morning and day 4 dl (as dry) Acana and in the evening 4 dl cooked cereal + 2 dl  raw meat  + about 50-70 gr grounded bones + egg's yellow part. Cita has also got 2-3 slides of orange daily.
Amount  of kibbles has gradually been bigger.
Since 24.5 the portion has been 6 dl. Since 26.5 it has been 7 and in the evening she get also 2 dl kibbles aded to the normal evening food.
Every day Cita eats lots of dandelion flowers, they are very healthy.
Since 1.6 the kible portion was rised to 8 dl.
Since 10.6 the pups got one portion of cooked cereals+raw meat. Since 12.6 they have got all the time growing portion(s) of Acana puppy junior kibble.
Since 12.6 I reduced Cita's both  kibble portions to 7 dl and no kibbles in the evening, then only raw meat+cooked cereals.
16.6  I changed puppies to eat Acana Large Breed Puppy kibble, 2 kibble portions and one raw meat+cooked cereals.
19.6  pups get 3 kible portions and one raw meat+ cooked cereals.
20.6 I reduced Cita's both kibble portions to 6 dl, in the evening she gets raw meat+cooked cereals.
24.6 I reduced Cita's both kibble portions to 5 dl, I wormed pups and cita with Axilur 24-26.6.
27.6. I reduced Cita's both kibble portions to 4 dl. Cita nurses still the pups, but only now and then and quite shortly.

During July  all pups, but one lewf the kennel.  The only female was left and joined the  gang.

I expect, that with these pupps you can reach very high results!
As a some kind of proof here in Finland are two puppies from different combinations sired by Billeke. Both very promising.
Specially Ellinora vd Vlamse Boef is close to my ideal bouvier. She is very self confident, strong drives, calm and still lot of temperament. She is also very social, goes to get scratching because she wants it, not to ask the stranger to be her friend.
Elli's mother Nora is sister to Zigo King v  Assenrade PH1, PH2, OBJ.  There is lot of common with Cita's pedigree.

Pekka Hallivuori
Arvidintie 2, 02590 Lappers
+358 40 5941937

D-litter pedigree. Line breeding percentage (counted over 5 generations) is 4,6875 (Finnish Kennel club recommendation is not to exceed 6,25)

Bill vd Barbierhoeve IPO3
LOSH906655 Hips:A 
Born 15.3.2002

2004 Bouvier World championships second
2005 Holland Bouvier - championship

Briek vd Barbierhoeve IPO3
Cain Darcy vd Fokrohof IPO2
Basco Kiki v't Heukske NHSB1874118 HDTC Spinks vd Remon Hoeve NHSB1610512
Kiki Anebica v't Heukske NHSB1704013
Darcy Cindy vd Fokrohof
Prins KNPV
  Cindy vd Fokrohof KNPV, HDTC
 Daisy Alma v't Heukske
Harron v't Heukske KNPV
 Boris KNPV
Alma Cindy vd Fokrohof
  Basco v Eltons Home
Cindy vd Fokrohof
Cita Dana v Nunc aut Nunquam IPO3 NHSB2220285 C (B/C) elbows 0/0, eyes ok
born 17.11.1998
Boris Blitz vd Viana Hoeve KNPV, IPO3, SPH NHSB1641717 HDTC Blitz KNPV NHSB1276134 HD-A   Arno KNPV NHSB968380
Sonja NHSB1175027
Loes KNPV NHSB1130313 Harron KNPV NHSB654256
Mirza vd Ruwendijk NHSB856584
Dana Nicky v Nunc aut Nunquam IPO3 NHSB1870591 HDLP

 At 1999 Holland bouvier championships  Dana was 2. and its C part was the best.

Boedha Doescha Alsin Hof KNPV NHSB1630767 HDTC Boy KNPV NHSB1276136
Doescha vd Plantage KNPV NHSB1286903
Nicky Sandy v Nunc aut Nunquam IPO3 NHSB1583962 HDTC

Buddy Sandy v Nunc aut Nunquam IPO3, HDTC is brother 

  Bartono vd Keulse Barriere KNPV NHSB1143556 HDTC
Sandy vd Meerkerk Hoeve IPO3 NHSB1275271 HD+

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